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Basic Debt Awareness - England

One of the most common reasons people get into financial difficulties is the lack of debt awareness. Payday loans has made access to quick cash so simple that all one needs is a smartphone and money is transferred into their account faster than you can say debt advice.

For anyone starting a career in the debt industry then this Basic Debt Awareness is for you.

For anyone working in financial services generally and who don't know the basics of the debt industry and how it is structured, then you too will benefit from this training.

Even in the wake of the last recession many people still tend to spend money on an emotional whim, and forget about the consequences. This is why debt awareness is the key towards building a healthy financial position.

Sometimes it is necessary to be in debt to move forward in life, for example mortgage debt, but the trick is pre- planning for any inevitability and tackling obstacles that may lie ahead with sensible saving and budgeting.

Debt causes confusion and stress to the best of us so it's important the right mechanisms are in place. Click on to expand to see the aim and objectives of this course:

Course Aims & Objectives


The aim of this course is for delegates to recognise the different types of credit, the Money Advice Process, and different debt arrangements available.


  • The scale of the debt in the UK and the impact this has on our clients
  • Different types of credit & the credit industry
  • The Money Advice Process
  • Debt Management Plans, Administration Order, Individual Voluntary, Arrangements, Debt Relief Orders, Bankruptcy.